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Reaching Millennial Talent

A New Report on Millennials Shows Link Between Engagement and Cause Work on Huffington stresses the importance of sharing company cause work, from the interview process through employment, in order to best inform millennials about how they can get involved. “Beyond compensation and benefits, what matters most to them is the company’s work culture, involvement with causes, office environment, and attention to diversity and HR standards,” the article explains.

The study makes it clear that millennials are interested in philanthropy and for-profits are working towards providing them with opportunities for involvement. Just as they entice young professionals to participate, how does your organization get millennials involved in donating and volunteering? In How To Attract Talented Millennials To Your Nonprofit suggestions include providing quality content, focusing on marketing, branding, and communications, utilizing social media, and lastly, doing something that will catch on because, simply put, it’s fun (think Movember).

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