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​Achieving the Balancing Act

“Work-life balance” may be one of the most frequently named, but least achieved, priorities in the life of a nonprofit executive.

Those people who choose to work in the nonprofit field often do so because of a passionate desire to provide service and help for those who need it most. They see gaps in service and may fall into a place of believing that if they don’t do the work, no one will. This can lead to a day-to-day existence where “work” takes over far more minutes than is healthy. In addition, the pressure to check off all the items on the “to do” list can replace any hope of meaningful donor cultivation and stewardship.

Nonprofit Pro acknowledges this pressure in “Work/Life Balance: You Can’t Do It All” and provides these tips:

1. Acknowledge that no one person can do it all.

2. Recognize that being perpetually stressed out can actually result in worse donor relations and less productive work.

3. Strive toward a more structured day with boundaries to create a reasonable workload.

4. Take time to remember why the work is important and fulfilling.

The article is available at Nonprofit Pro.

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