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A Simple Guide to Virtual Hiring

In partnership with Lindauer’s amazing clients, we’ve built stronger approaches to virtual hiring, and we want to share these online hiring best practices with you. That is what A Simple Guide to Virtual Hiring is all about.

It is full of practical information to help you become the virtual hiring expert your organization needs. It covers the essentials, including how to show your culture and values, how to conduct interviews online, how to do candidate presentations, how to do a ‘site visit,’ how to engage final candidates, and more.

Here is the guide.

A Footnote:

We all know that millions have lost their jobs and that many organizations have implemented hiring freezes in this pandemic. For those who kept their jobs, many of them have had to shift to working 100% remotely. Some organizations were in the middle of hiring for a position, and others were able to move forward with hiring for new positions. These organizations now had to be able to hire 100% virtually.

Some Lindauer clients had previous experience with this, but most had none. We worked with our clients to strengthen their virtual hiring skill sets. What we have learned, we turned into A Simple Guide to Virtual Hiring. We know you might not need it now, but we hope it will be a resource for you when hiring resumes at your organization.

We believe the future will be a “blended” life. We’ll all move seamlessly between in-person and virtual approaches, dictated by health and safety, climate or man-made disasters, regional upheavals, and the ever-increasing need for flexibility between work and life. So while we cherish our face-to-face interactions, virtual hiring, like much of the online world in which we live and work today, is here to stay.

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