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5 Tips for Effective Delegating

Tips for Delegating

Delegation can be an evolving challenge for leaders and managers. Once conquered in one organization or role, the urge to hold tight to tasks can resurface in new contexts, in the face of different teams with under-developed skills, or due to new external expectations. Thanks to COVID-19, increased remote work and management in 2020 added new factors to the delegation equation, but also new opportunities.

In a recent Inc. article, author Tim Crino asked Shannon and Bryan Miles, founders of the virtual staffing firm Belay, to share best practices for those struggling to delegate effectively from a distance.

Their recommendations:

  1. Assume the best and allow yourself to trust. This is the foundation of delegation, essential to a happy working relationship.
  2. Assign a result rather than a task and explain the “why.” By doing so, your team member may discover a faster, more efficient way of getting the job done.
  3. Let go of the simple tasks. Easy projects are not the best use of your time as leader and, by passing them on, you allow your employee to build up to larger responsibilities.
  4. Allow access to your email. Take the time to coach your assistant on how to respond to emails on your behalf to alleviate the inbox pileup that all executives inevitably encounter.
  5. Be willing to step away. Giving others an opportunity to step up when you step away can be a great way to discover your employees’ full potential.

Read the full article by clicking here.

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