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​10 Most Popular Posts on CDO World – 2016

1. One Donor’s Answers for the “Ask”

The vast majority of “Ask” best practices come from fundraisers. Here are some solicitation techniques from someone experienced in giving, who believes that good, old-fashioned sales training will help improve the fundraising workforce.

2. An Hour a Day Keeps Stagnation Away

Bill Gates does it. Warren Buffet does it. So does Mark Zuckerberg. What is “it” though? Many people measure their workday by how much they accomplish, but experts say factoring in “slack” time is key to accomplishing your long-term goals.

3. How Highly Successful People Plan

From what you wear to how to prioritize, here are the somewhat surprising planning methods of some of the most successful people in the world.

4. A Day Devoted to Retention

A new nationwide philanthropy movement is launching in January.

5. Philanthropy’s Buzziest Words

As reported in The Chronicle of Philanthropy, here are some of the most talked about words and phrases that philanthropists used in 2015.

6. Philanthropy’s Brave New World

Time changes all things, but according to some experts, philanthropy moved into the fast lane in 2015 and brought about some very significant advances.

7. What the Best Nonprofits Are Doing Right

Looking for a little inspiration to improve your nonprofit? Fundraising consultant Joan Garry shares what some organizations are doing that really sets them apart.

8. Tips to Target Millennials

Millennials now number more than 80 million and are poised to replace Baby Boomers as most-desired donors. But how best to reach this new generation of prospects?

9. Tips to Create More Time

You strive for a good work/life balance, but there are days when you can’t do it all. These tips can help you remove some time wasters that might stand in the way of achieving your goals.

10. Recommended Reads

Time is precious, but so is learning. Tapping into the book lists of smart nonprofit leaders can help you polish your skills, advance your career, and make a larger impact on your very important work.

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