Marketing, Communications + Digital Engagement

Lindauer provides innovative executive search services in the marketing, communications and digital media arena, serving education, health and science, arts and culture, and a wide range of non-for-profit organizations. Our extensive experience includes serving large complex systems, high profile brands, and emerging programs.

Lindauer Senior Consultants have served in communications leadership roles across sectors, creating a velocity and depth of understanding of each client’s unique needs and qualities. We know how to evaluate creative talent as well as identify expertise in conducting market analysis and measuring impact.

Communications skills are often subjective, and thus require the nuanced knowledge of experienced professionals in the field to evaluate, assess, and refer. Lindauer Senior Consultants have these skills and so are uniquely positioned to partner with organizations looking for marketing and communications talent.

Lindauer has also been a relentless champion for diversity, equity, and inclusion in nonprofits – including in marketing and communications – since the firm’s founding. Our team today continues its leadership and advocacy in equity and anti-racism through our work with Boards, leaders, hiring managers, search peers, a trusted network of industry advisors and consultants, and an extraordinary roster of talented professionals.

Marketing, Communications + Digital Engagement

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