Higher Education Leadership

Lindauer understands the importance of strong leadership in higher education. For more than 22 years, we have worked with colleges and universities to identify transformational leaders, to guide Boards and search committees so that they engage effectively in the selection process, and to prepare institutions for their next eras.

We know the right leader embraces change, propels a university to realize its vision, energizes the community and its many constituencies, and enables it to more fully realize its mission.

A presidential search is among the most important functions that a governing board undertakes in the life of the institution. Bringing in the right Provost, Vice President, Dean, or other senior leader can likewise drive innovation, achievement, and impact in higher education. An effective search process is critical, therefore, to a successful outcome and therefore to the institution's future.

The partnership approach we take at Lindauer reflects decades of best practice honed on leading principles from higher education and other sectors. We know what works and what does not. We understand governance imperatives and effective community engagement. We leverage our renowned leadership networks and drive an effective, step-by-step process.

Lindauer has also been a relentless champion for women’s leadership and diversity, equity, and inclusion in higher education since the firm’s founding. Our team today continues its leadership and advocacy in equity and anti-racism through our work with Boards, leaders, hiring managers, search peers, a trusted network of industry advisors and consultants, and an extraordinary roster of talented professionals.

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