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Assistant Vice President of Development, Knight Cancer Institute

Oregon Health & Science University Foundation
Portland, Oregon

Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) has a tradition of taking on the impossible — and delivering. Since its founding 125 years ago as the first medical school of the then-wild frontier of the Pacific Northwest, OHSU has challenged the status quo in pursuit of better care and quality of life for the people of the region and beyond.

OHSU’s Knight Cancer Institute Director, Brian Druker, M.D., exemplifies this radical approach. Dr. Druker altered the course of cancer research, and ushered in the era of personalized cancer medicine, by proving for the first time that cancer cells could be shut down by disabling the molecules that drive their growth without harming healthy cells. The drug that resulted from that research, Gleevec®, revolutionized how cancer is treated and inspired a new wave of exploration of treatments that target cancer-causing molecules.

The Opportunity

The Assistant Vice President of Development is a relationship-focused, strategic, and high-capacity fundraising partner to the Knight Cancer Institute, driving support for and awareness of the groundbreaking work of Dr. Druker and his colleagues. The AVP serves as a senior member of the OHSU Foundation development team and oversees staff responsible for raising funds for cancer-related research as well as units across the Knight Cancer Institute, especially those with significant interaction with the Institute such as surgery and dermatology.

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