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Education: K-12 / Independent Schools

Head of Fundraising (U.S.)

Educate Girls Remote

Educate Girls promotes and protects the right of every girl to gain quality education through challenging patriarchy, enrolling girls in school, and providing support to children to improve their learning outcomes. It designs and executes programs in areas of highest need for girls’ education via local, credible partners and leaders in the areas of community mobilization, curriculum development, pedagogy, behavior change, and data analytics. Educate Girls finds out-of-school girls, bring them into school and ensure that they stay and learn. 

In partnership, Educate Girls has ensured that over 1 million girls have been enrolled in school and it has also improved learning outcomes for over a million children. The organization believes that it is the right of every girl to be in school and learn. However, across the globe girls are struggling to realize their rights, and there are still an estimated 132 million girls missing from the world’s classrooms, every day.

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Megan Abbett

Assistant Vice President

Khushboo Rami-Patel


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