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Executive Director

Deep Living Lab Remote

Change has always been a part of life, and unprecedented change, internally and externally, is likely to continue. Deep Living Lab is committed to change leading to greater consciousness.

While the work of its predecessor company, Deep Living Institute, has existed for nearly 20 years, DLL has emerged as a consortium of presence-based professionals. They are dedicated to creating accessible, dynamic, and powerful content delivery systems that support the needed change in the world. Recognizing that the divisiveness evident in the world begins with the inner divide, DLL’s approach is to support transformative change from the inside out.

DLL’s vision is to have a world of people living with less judgment, more compassion, and more access to deeper sources of wisdom. Individually and collectively, members of the team are building this evolutionary human capacity for themselves and for individual and global healing.

The Opportunity

Deep Living Lab is seeking a committed, open-hearted, spiritual practitioner and high-capacity nonprofit or Fourth Sector leader to be its first Executive Director. The Lab is Funded to Impact, giving the new ED time to gather, evaluate, and analyze data from team member activities and from external resources upon which to build a sustainable financial and organizational structure. This is a unique opportunity to lead and innovate a thoughtful, collaborative organization based on self-management and self-correction that designs and delivers life-changing offerings.

The ED will be committed to personal spiritual practice. They will have exceptional emotional intelligence, communication, and listening skills, and be highly self-aware and observant. Ideally, the successful candidate will have some knowledge of the Enneagram and be willing to actively engage in studying this body of work which is committed to the practice of presence-based work and living.

Still Looking

Be considered for future opportunities.

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