Advice From the Experts: Common Resume Mistakes


With millions of people unemployed, experts are seeing some common resume mistakes specific to 2020.

In the article 6 Mistakes You Should Take Off Your Resume ASAP published by HuffPost, Bonnie Negron, a New Jersey-based career coach and former hiring manager, explains one major missed chance to impress is not pivoting job loss as an opportunity and highlighting your new quarantine tech skills, such as becoming a Zoom expert.

The author, Monica Torres also warns against the following:

1. Listing an objective.

One of the biggest mistakes job seekers make currently, listing an objective makes your resume about you and the job you want, when it should represent the value and skillset you’re bringing to the company.

2. Mentioning “references available upon request.”

This is redundant and a waste of valuable space on your resume.

3. Using a resume template that cannot be processed by applicant tracking systems.

Studies have found that nearly 40% of employers rely on technology that pre-screens and/or pre-selects candidates based on the data they’ve submitted. In a 2016 survey of 374 human resources professionals, the majority acknowledged that a number of qualified candidates are likely being filtered out by their ATS software because of incompatible resume formatting.

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