The Under-tapped Midlevel

Nonprofit organizations around the world have a variety of giving programs — mostly focused on major gifts and midlevel donations — but that still leaves money on the table. 

2 Time Saving Tips for Social Media Marketing

The advantages of social media marketing are numerous and include increased brand awareness and customer engagement. But in such a hectic world, how do you find the time to do it right? 

Humble leadership

In a recent article by the Harvard Business Review, leaders were advised to pay more attention to their team’s assets and less on their own power within the organization. 

New Ways to Fundraise

Many nonprofits seem to be experiencing losses and a decline in donor support. To address this issue, nonprofits need to implement lasting solutions to fundraising.

Pioneering Philanthropist Offers Nonprofits Guidance

Here’s how the “Leap of Reason Ambassadors Community,” created by venture philanthropist Mario Morino, will improve charity performance across the U.S. 

Interview: Steven Kloehn, Vice President for Marketing & Communications, Carnegie Mellon University

In a wide-ranging interview, Steve talks about his extensive experience as a communicator and the ever-changing challenges of technology.