The End-of-Year Donation Push

The end of the year is quickly approaching. It is an important moment for organizations to think hard about how to secure those last minute donations. NonProfit Pro offered some important tips for thinking about these remaining December days.

Tip number 1: It’s all about strategy. A nonprofit should consider a number of critical elements of a campaign, including the goal and message and the overall look and brand. It is useful to think about the ways that different strategies can be effective with different groups as well.

Tip number 2: Diversify! One outreach strategy is not enough. If an organization has always relied solely on direct mail, it might be time to try out a video appeal on the website or a social media ask.

Tip number 3: Timing is everything. On average, more than 25% of donations happen at nonprofits between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. There is still time to make use of many digital strategies including email, web videos and social media.

To read more about year-end giving tips, visit NonProfit Pro.