The End-of-Year Donation Push

The end of the year is quickly approaching. It is an important moment for organizations to think hard about how to secure those last minute donations. NonProfit Pro offered some important tips for thinking about these remaining December days.

Maximizing End-of-Year Giving

December is one of the most important months for nonprofits. It’s also a time when the pace quickens and the workload is sometimes overwhelming. In “5 Things Smart Fundraisers Do in December,” Gail Perry gives some tips on how to manage the month effectively. 

Increasing Diversity in the Workplace

When a staff more closely reflects the population it serves, it is more able to address the needs, interests and concerns of its community. Diversity should include people of varied racial, ethnic and economic backgrounds, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability status and more.

Refilling the Donor Pool

Fundraising professionals are quite familiar with the concept of donor attrition. It is always worthwhile to review strategies for replenishing the donor pool.

Your Winter Reading List

Winter can be good for many things, but certainly one of them is more opportunities to curl up with a good book.

Better Time Management for Better Results

Everyone has those moments (or many moments) where it feels as if there is too much to do in the time available. Here’s how you can manage time to reduce stress. 

Mars vs. Venus Giving

While looking at giving within a certain community or age group yields interesting results, it is also important to consider gender differences in philanthropy.

What Millennials Want

Millennials (generally described as individuals born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s) are becoming a larger percentage of the workforce and their distinct needs and preferences are important for employers to consider. 

The Problem of Declining Board Diversity

BoardSource has released the most recent version of its National Index of Nonprofit Board Practices and it raised some significant concerns about trends in Board diversity. 

Happiness and the Workplace

Work and joy are not always words that are placed in the same sentence. Here’s why they should be. 

Global Giving Trends

NonProfit Tech for Good recently released its inaugural “Global Trends Giving Report,” the results of a survey of 4,541 individuals across 6 continents, 94 countries.

Keep Your Competitors Close

Each nonprofit seeks to carve out its own area, to ensure sustainability and survival. But what if competitors could assist in your success? 

Crafting End of Year Campaigns that Work

As summer draws to an end, attention turns to end-of-year fundraising efforts. October is the biggest month for reaching out. So how should nonprofits prepare?

Nonprofits and the Long Haul

A strong mission, passionate staff and a big vision are critical for a nonprofit to succeed. But what is it that makes the difference between long-term survival and a short-term burst of success?

A Matter of Fact

While few would argue the importance of data collection within an Advancement program, there are ways to improve the type of data being harvested and the time it takes to do so. 

Rethinking Social Media Strategies

It is no secret to nonprofits that social media can reach donors in big ways. But it can be hard for any nonprofit to make sure it is getting the maximum return on its investment. 

Being Mindful at Work

Finding ways to be mindful in day-to-day life doesn’t just make one feel good, but it can actually improve the brain. 

Giving USA 2016 Trends

The Annual Report on Philanthropy for the Year 2016 was released by the IUPUI Lilly Family School of Philanthropy. Here are some excellent gains in the areas of education, human services, health and arts/culture/humanities.  

​Just Breathe: Tips to Reduce Stress

Taking a breath replenishes the oxygen to the brain and organs. It helps the cardiopulmonary system spread nutrients throughout the body and moves toxins out. Unfortunately, humans can sometimes make it less beneficial.

​Pursuing Authentic Leadership

Sometimes experienced fundraisers are promoted to leadership positions without management training. On the flip side, board members who have excellent management skills but no fundraising experience are recruited. This approach can lead to a short-term — and shortsighted — focus.

​Spam and the Nonprofit

Each year EveryAction, an email marketing group, does an analysis of the ways that email deliverability can impact fundraising success. According to 2016 benchmark online giving data, every 1% of email marked as spam resulted in a revenue hit of more than 1%. This figure is one that nonprofits need to note.

Making Fundraising More Efficient

Ten years ago, the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) and the Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy at the Urban Institute launched the Fundraising Effectiveness Project. This project surveys nonprofits each year to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the development work they do. The 2015-2016 study included data from 10,829 nonprofit organizations.

​Smarter Recruiting Strategies

​Smarter Recruiting Strategies

There are so many competing factors in any recruitment effort — work piling up, time pressure, and financial realities. Yet the cost to an organization of a bad hiring choice can be dramatic. It goes far beyond the money and time wasted in making a mistake. The negative impact on the entire organization can be long lasting.

The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same – Interviewing Part 2 of 3

The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same – Interviewing Part 2 of 3

Here are some simple things to remember before, during and after your next interview. Some may seem like common sense, but they bear repeating. Others are reflective of a new day and age.

​Finding a Way Back from Burnout

​Finding a Way Back from Burnout

It is a problem experienced at organizations in all sectors. Staff members that were once top-performing, hardworking, and dedicated, suddenly seem to have lost interest in their jobs. They have become irritable with their teams, less productive, and do not seem as invested in the work. What changed? In some cases, it is simply a case of burnout.

Embracing the Unexpected

There is a reason that many fundraising programs stick with the tried and true. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for taking some risks.

​How New Is “New” Philanthropy?

There have been many articles about the “new” face of philanthropy. So what does it really look like?

​Innovation for a Stronger Organization

Innovation can be an unsettling word for some nonprofits. By its very nature, innovation is uncertain and it carries the risk of failure. Those concerns can prevent organizations from seeing its importance.

​Tiny Steps, Greater Retention

Organizations spend dozens of hours seeking out the right candidates for open positions — crafting the perfect job postings, interviewing and vetting candidates, and ensuring that prospects are the right fit. But when an employee’s tenure is short, the organization is forced to start the process all over again. There are costs in terms of money, time and morale.

​Achieving the Balancing Act

“Work-life balance” may be one of the most frequently named, but least achieved, priorities in the life of a nonprofit executive.

​Keeping It Real

One of the most important parts of maintaining an engaged, enthusiastic donor base is clearly communicating the organization’s vision and strategy. But what happens when a donor walks away from these conversations with unrealistic or unclear expectations?



In honor of our 20th Anniversary, LOIS L. LINDAUER SEARCHES shares this look at our past, and goals for the future.

​Successful Hiring Strategies

Adam Bryant of The New York Times recently addressed a challenge faced by every organization: How does one make the best hiring choices? It is a question he has asked nearly 500 managers – and are the useful strategies he has developed to consider.

​Mistakes Boards Can Make

A good Board of Directors can be a critical asset for a successful nonprofit. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to ensure that the board’s efforts are put to the best use. Simple mistakes can derail a good process. In “8 Mistakes That Even Good Boards Make,” The NonProfit Times provides some important tips for avoiding these missteps.

​How Mergers Can Benefit Nonprofits

The Street declared 2015 “A Year for the Record Books,” because it was the biggest year on record for mergers and acquisitions. Some of the high-profile mergers that year included Pfizer and Allergan, Charter Communications and Time Warner Cable, and Heinz and Kraft Foods. While these kinds of mergers and acquisitions are common in the for-profit business world, some analysts think it is time for nonprofits to look at the potential benefits.

​Is Viral Altruism Sustainable?

The Ice Bucket Challenge of 2014 was a juggernaut that many nonprofits watched with envy. In just eight weeks, the ALS Association secured $220 million, thirteen times the amount raised by the organization in the entire year before.

​When Your Body Talks, Listen

Many people can quickly express the ways their body might react to stress. They might be aware of back pain or sore muscles when there is anxiety. But some body reactions could be saying something more dramatic.

Creating a Boardroom with More Diversity

Creating a Boardroom with More Diversity

A recent study by the Alliance for Board Diversity brought some eye-opening statistics about board diversity in Fortune 500 companies.

The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same: Interviewing Part 1 of 3

The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same: Interviewing Part 1 of 3

From CEO Lois L. Lindauer, tips on how to prepare for an interview, along with what questions to ask during your meeting.

20 Questions with… Sam Lundquist, Vice Dean, External Affairs, The Wharton School

20 Questions with…  Sam Lundquist, Vice Dean, External Affairs, The Wharton School

In honor of our 20th Anniversary, LOIS L. LINDAUER SEARCHES will be sharing a new interview series, 20 Questions with… throughout the year. Here, Sam Lundquist, Vice Dean, External Affairs, The Wharton School (part of the University of Pennsylvania, or Penn, as it is called), takes us inside one of the leading business schools in the world.

​Why Facebook Matters

Love it or hate it, Facebook is not something that can be ignored by those looking to get their messages out.

​Ten Top Time Management Tips

If there is one thing every nonprofit manager needs it is more time. Here are ten tips to make better use of every moment.

​Why Good Employees Stay

Employee retention is critical for an organization to succeed. One key element to keeping valued personnel is good leadership.

​The “New” Laws of Leadership

Aspiring to more of a leadership role in your organization or do you want to make sure you’re always in high demand in your field? Look no further.

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