Ready for Your Closeup?

In Nonprofit Quarterly (NPQ), author Joe Fox lists the most common errors in videos for donors in 10 Mistakes Nonprofits Make With Video.

And the Grant Money Goes to…

The Council on Foundations, a nonprofit membership association of grant making foundations and corporations, is conducting the Philanthropic Challenge on Economy & Finance contest at its annual conference this April.

Five Development-Friendly Apps

From networking to parking, project planning to special events, these apps help make life just a bit easier and more organized for the development professional.

Naming Rights – For Whom, and How Much?

A recent article by Pablo Eisenberg, published in The Chronicle of Philanthropy, proposes that nonprofits Stop Appealing to Billionaire Egos With Naming Rights in response to recent events at New York’s Avery Fisher Hall.

Advice for Aspiring CDOs?

In a recent interview for CDO University, LOIS L. LINDAUER SEARCHES Vice President Libby Roberts, a former CDO, offered her advice for aspiring Chief Development Officers.“Choose your boss very carefully,” she advised. And don’t be blinded by the money.”She then went...

Libby Roberts, Vice President, Lindauer

Libby Roberts, Vice President, Lindauer

Before Elizabeth (Libby) Roberts joined Lindauer, she enjoyed a diverse multi-sector development career.

Here, the former CDO shares some of the insights she's gained from a variety of vantage points, including a stint working at her alma mater.