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The Growing Impact of Women in Giving

Women are playing an increasing role in philanthropy in the United States and this rise is changing the giving landscape. Are you tuned in to this shift?

Research shows that many decisions around giving are made by
women in households. In addition, half of foundations are currently run by
women and women comprise more than half of the staff at these organizations. A
new study by the
Women’s Philanthropy Institute funded by the Bill
and Melinda Gates Foundation, “Women Give 2016,” reveals that the influence of women on giving and philanthropy will
increase in future generations.

The percentage of Generation X and Millennial couples whose
giving choices are influenced by women is greater than in Baby Boomer couples.
Interestingly, among these younger populations, when women have greater voice
in giving choices, the dollar amounts donated are higher.

Women’s Philanthropy Institute director
Debra Mesch told “Inside Philanthropy,” “Fundraisers who don’t know how to raise money from women
simply will not be as successful as Millennials and GenXers step fully into
their giving.”

Read more in “The New Power of the Purse: Younger Women and the Future of
” in “Inside
Philanthropy.” The full “
Women Give 2016” report is also available through the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy.

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