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Is Facebook Still Worth It For Fundraising? Here’s Why, Plus a Few Tips

Have you noticed a major drop in the amount of people who see your Facebook posts, on both personal and company pages? The issue at hand is that Facebook is making organic reach much more difficult. Facebook is charging for posts and advertising, and many people are not willing to pay.

The difference between organic and paid reach is –

  • Organic reach is the total number of unique people who were shown your post through unpaid distribution.
  • Paid reach is the total number of unique people who were shown your post as a result of ads.

There are pros and cons to dialing back your Facebook efforts or on the flip side, diving in and dishing out some of your budget to promote fundraising events, campaigns, and online pages that are accepting new donors. After reading Is Facebook Still Worth It? Why It Is and How to Use It the conclusion is that Facebook is not a lost cause.

Image Source: The Razoo Blog

The article mentions “4 POWERFUL Reasons To Still Use Facebook in a Low Organic World.”

1. Everyone Has a Facebook Page

2. Facebook Forces You to Create Engaging Content

3. It Still Lets You Make Connections

4. There are 1.35 Billion active monthly users

The author goes on to provide a few tips:

1. Rethink Your Facebook Strategy

2. Use Images in Link Previews

3. Put Engagement in Overdrive (Answer All Comments and Messages)

4. Buy Ads, With a Focus on Targeting

For those that are unfamiliar with strategies to best use Facebook in fundraising, check out Facebook Fundraising 101.

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