Since its founding, Lindauer has been a trusted resource and partner to faith-based nonprofits, representing the full spectrum of religions, beliefs, tenets, and missions for searches at all levels. Our network stretches across the U.S and into many other countries, uniquely qualifying our team to resource and uncover the very best match to fit your distinctive needs. From smaller niche non-profits to global operations, our search experts serve the complete gamut of mission-focused organizations that seek leadership with strong spiritual and/or faith-based values.

Our work has ranged from Presidents, CEOs, and Executive Directors to Cabinet-level Leaders, Regional Directors, program leads, and front-line development and marketing professionals. Lindauer team members embrace, respect, and appreciate the principles, traditions, and ethos represented by all faiths and bring a broad network to engage highly qualified candidates, who possess both the technical expertise, as well as the mission-based and philosophical alignment. Our consultants have served as executive leaders, senior management, and human resource / talent professionals in a myriad of nonprofit contexts, which creates velocity and breadth in understanding the exclusive needs and qualities presented by each client and candidate.

Lindauer has also been a champion for diversity, equity, and inclusion in nonprofits since the firm’s founding. Our team today continues its leadership, advocacy, and investment in equity and anti-racism through our work with Boards, leaders, hiring managers, search peers, a trusted network of industry advisors and consultants, and an extraordinary roster of talented professionals.

Faith-Based Practice

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