Mary Lee Storrs

Account Services Manager

Mary Lee Storrs

As Account Services Manager for Lindauer, Mary Lee Storrs supervises each search from a marketing and advertising perspective, in addition to supporting all Search Directors in candidate and client relationships. Her most public and visible responsibility is the creation of Lindauer's signature marketing vehicle: colorful e-blasts, tailored to each search and sent to a select group of potential candidates. Ms. Storrs takes great care crafting each email so that the major selling points of the job are positioned to attract the best potential candidates.

Ms. Storrs also manages all aspects of search advertising, including suggested venues and timing, ad placement, and confirmation tracking. In addition, she creates Job Backgrounders and conducts references at the highest levels.

Ms. Storrs’ also creates the Candidate Summaries that represent each candidate’s skill set so that clients may make informed, clear choices from the Lindauer recommendations. When interviewing candidates, Ms. Storrs ensures that she not only accurately reflects their professional qualifications but also what twist of fate or decision led them to their current paths. As a result, the Client gets a truer sense of the individual they might be hiring.

Ms. Storrs was previously Vice President of Product Development and Management for State Street Bank. Her nonprofit experience includes serving as Chief Development Officer for PreservatiON MASS. She holds a degree in International Relations and Economics from Goucher College.